For You and Me

How can you forget
If you don’t want to regret.
How can he see
If you don’t want to be seen.

Then I tend to realize
What I can’t compromise.
I tend to dream
For what it seem.

But now I see
And now I guarantee
That you and I,
We were never meant to be.

Behind Shadows

I have a feeling that the person I knew
Is still there, hiding behind those shadows.
Shadows that I saw before.

It’s hard to be with you
Having that feeling of being sorry
Sorry that you turned out to be like this.

It’s struggle to read what’s on your mind.
Pretending that I still know you,
That for sure I’m wrong. 

I’m sorry. 

Mark of Hurt

Sometimes you care,
then all of a sudden you don’t.
Sometimes you’re okay,
then all of a sudden you’re not.

Nothing I knew anymore,
everything has changed
Or it never really did
I just didn’t pay attention.

Listening to why my mind
Is battling with my heart.
Erasing the feelings I have,
So it won’t lead to a disaster.

Won’t go to that same hurt,
For me not to look back.
For I once gave it a try
And effort was a waste.

It gave me a wound
that took a long time to heal.
And the wound stayed there,
still haven’t disappeared.